Smaller Pidgin - Bigger possibilities


noun \ˈpi-jən \ : a simplified language used for communication between people with different languages.

Pidgin is the brainchild of New York fashion-illustrator-turned-doll-maker Joshua David McKenney.  A reinvention of the fashion doll, Pidgin is a medium for the language of style.  Pidgin's fluid appearance makes her the perfect channel for creative expression: through the artful application of hair, paint, and garments, Pidgin can assume an infinite number of looks.  Yet her classic, unchanging sculpt ensures her constancy as a style icon.   Since her debut in late 2012, Pidgin has emerged with surprising force as an artistic muse and fashion icon.

Now available as a 1:6 scale, fully customizable version and we are absolutely ecstatic about it!

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