2nd W Club Exclusive Released - Blonde, black, and bitchy

Sister Moguls, a giftset sure to please a large number of collectors, was unveiled to the Integrity Toys W Club members yesterday. By now most all of you have seen them so none of this is a surprise.

While I greatly appreciate a good "stink face" and Agnes and Giselle normally incite a leap in my blood pressure, I was rather disappointed to see, yet again, blonde hair and black outfits. Sigh.... I do like that the outfits are more contemporary, but I'm just sort of over it all right now. (My opinion only, of course.) There is an infinite number of colors for hair and clothes available - I really wish they would explore them and get a bit more creative. 

The giftset also comes with a carrying case, which is nice but I am not sure where I would store it.

The value, however, makes one stop and think twice even if you don't love them. $199 for both. For that price I would consider sending them off to get customized....so...I'm still on the fence.

I have yet to get any of the 2016 dolls (shocking, right?) so I'm itching to pull the trigger. I just haven't flipped for anything I've seen yet, which is weird. I am really looking forward to the main line release though and hopeful to see something that I fall in love with. 

I know the die hard fans are probably in love with everything about them, so I'm thrilled that IT made this available to the club members.

Here's all the deets from Integrity Toys:

Sister Moguls
Agnes Von Weiss™ and Giselle Diefendorf™ Duo-Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty Collection
2016 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size: TBA
Estimated Ship Date: Late 2016
Special W Club Price: $199.00 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*.

*A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is due immediately at pre-order; the balance of $174.00 + shipping and handling (and tax for Maryland residents) is due approximately late 2016.
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss™ and Giselle Diefendorf™
Body Type: FR2013 (Agnes) and NU. Face 2.0 (Giselle)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Cream (Agnes) and Japan (Giselle)
Hair Color: Pale Blond (Both Dolls)
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

**Pictures of prototypes shown below; final production colors and textures may vary slightly. Any staging props are not included. Case and doll stand pictures are digitally rendered; final production may vary slightly.**