Drop the 'shame game' and embrace your hobby! Don't let others make you feel bad for what you love

Do people in your life judge your love of dolls?
Do you suffer from a poor self-image, low confidence or a lack of self-esteem because of it?
Ever wonder how long you have to keep hiding your doll collection because you are an adult doll collector?
Do you wish you could explain to your friends or family why you love collecting dolls and that they should try harder to accept your hobby?
Are you someone who knows a doll fanatic and want to understand them better? Why do they love dolls so much?
Why can’t they be "more mature" and do "normal things" like other grownups?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to watch this video. On this Doll Events episode, we will discuss the psychological effects of collecting dolls and fashion figures. We will also learn why it’s important to embrace your hobbies and interest and stop being ashamed to boast your love of dolls to the world.

Gypsie tells you about her own experiences dealing with the negative image that adult doll collectors face on a daily basis. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of dolls you like to collect. Whether it’s Barbie, EVER AFTER HIGH, MONSTER HIGH, FASHION ROYALTY, ACTION FIGURES, REBORN DOLLS, MASTERPIECE DOLLS, BABY DOLLS OR FIGURINES… As long as you are an adult who has an interest in dolls, you have probably gone through the situations outlined in this video. Share your thoughts in the comments.