and the fashion doll world took notice - LOVETONES makes their debut

Holy shit, there's a new player in the market! 

I, for one, am thrilled to have something a bit new and different to play with. Not that I don't love my other brands, it's just that there has been this long dry lull and what I have seen hasn't piqued my interest just yet, so it's really great to freshen things up a bit.

DOLLS SHOWN REDRESSED  (original fashions and accessories shown below)

Rocco Liang released his first two L O V E T O N E S ladies, Hello Honey Roxy and Bonjour Baby Lena, just a few short months ago and the response is an overwhelming YES. From their super editorial attitudes to their high fashion proportions, I have to say I'm sold.

I was immediately in love with the packaging. They even made it easy to remove them from the box while still keeping them securely in place, THANK YOU for that. 

They put working pockets in the coats, lined the inside of the purses, put some really great shoes on them and produced a really high fashion look overall. However - the outfits just keep falling off the boobs. Now, I always redress my bitches immediately - rarely do my dolls get shot in their original outfits unless it's for a client BUT I always want the fashions to be worn by others so I'm hopeful that some of my other ladies can fill it out and rock it, even if it's a smaller bjd - I'll re-purpose it.

Their bodies are this amazingly silky, matte type of material. It's very sexy feeling, in a non-creepy doll collector way, though there is a large group of those that would enjoy it in a really creepy 'I-collect-dolls-for-other-reasons' kind of way. (hey, if that's your thing knock yourself out...)

I really like that their hair is fully rooted with a thinner fiber that allows you to style it without a gigantic wad of hair. It is a lot more realistic than other rooted dolls I own. And I don't mind the smaller heads. It's far more proportional, especially on camera. I get that it's much different than some of you are used to but I prefer it to be more realistic like that. 

Their articulation is actually a bit better than Integrity Toys FR2 and they have a really edgy look in the camera, SOLD.  

A doll gets voted off based on her first shoot. A 'test' in the modeling world. I actually thought I'd love Roxy the most, but on camera - Lena rocks my world.

That is not to say there are not some issues. I have heard collectors complaining about loose jointing, my Roxy has a bit of a wonky shoulder joint, but overall both of my ladies hold a pose with no problem.  Some have also mentioned there being a slight color difference in the head and the body. If I really look for it I can see it, but in photos (and, ultimately, that is all that matters to me personally) I don't see it, at least not in the ones I received. I also think some collectors can tend to be REALLY REALLY critical about things. People - it is still a mass produced product. Things will not be perfect. Yes, there are some issues that probably should have been worked on just a bit more before manufacturing but come on, some of you just verbally DESTROY things that are not absolutely perfect. If you want perfection you are in the WRONG DAMN HOBBY. I have yet to see perfection in a single doll I've owned. But, I'm also a pretty chill person and don't scrutinize over every little detail of things, that's just me....carry on.

As they are a new company, I expect there to be some growing pains. Hell, I've rebuilt STAND 3 times now - in 2 months. There are always things to fix and improve on, so I get it. I very much look forward to the next release. I think they are going to be around for a while :)

Editorial style just oozes out of them The collector world is ready for something a bit different.

Head over to their website and check it all out.
(Hi, my name is Sharon and I am an enabler.)  Now GO, get them for yourself!
Already have them, what are your thoughts on them? What do you think will be next for them?

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