Angel Philia and Real Art Project - Pushing Boundaries and Buttons

I recently stumbled upon Angel Philia dolls and instantly became intrigued by them. Mainly because of their ample thighs, which seems to be a weakness with me lately, but also because they are unique in so many other ways ;)

Those who know me and my personal style of art, know that I love to push the boundaries. I love bringing out the sensual side of inanimate objects and I love anything unapologetic - Angel Philia and Real Art Project TOTALLY fit the bill! With the ability to vamp them up or tone them down, it gives me the flexibility I love for numerous looks and shoots.

(In todays world where everyone is offended by, literally EVERYTHING - it's always fun to find a company that is just doing what they love and it makes me love them more. ) 

I had to learn more!

^ The Latest Release from QUARANTOTTO (ANGEL PHILIA) - LENA Pre-order Link HERE

I spent some time talking with Vicky at Faithz and asking a ton of questions - here's what I've learned...

Angel Philia are 48~50cm vinyl dolls which utilize the Obitsu skeleton as a base internal frame, combined with original and unique outer body skin parts.

They first started out under the name of "VMF50" and were produced by a company called "Yamato". (VMF is the abbreviation of Variable Motion Figure; the early dolls were mostly 50cm dolls.)

Yamato works with a side company named Real Art Project (RAP) which produced a line of dolls in a more sexy style called "Dollcore".

The head company later rebranded themselves as "Arcadia" and started a new doll line named "Angel Philia".

The new Angel Philia line mostly consists of 48cm dolls instead.

On the other hand, the style of "Dollcore" line has been inherited by the new "Pink Drops" line.

The current head company is named "QUARANTOTTO" - 48 in Italian! :D

Still with me? That got a bit confusing, I know.

the Latest Release from Real Art Project - MISAKI Pre-order link HERE

The optional body parts range from fashionable to obscene - and it's awesome to have so many choices. (there are WAY more, this is just a shot of one page)

The company pays great attention on expressing the natural beauty of the female body.

The meticulously sculpted and blushed outer skin parts allow a large variety of different body proportions and give them their unique appeal, which makes them stand out among other dolls (especially those which share the same Obitsu internal frame).

Each released doll gets a name and has a different combination of body parts, which makes each one a special doll of a different image (different age, style).

Outer skin parts are also available for purchase from time to time which allows the owner to customize and create his or her dream doll.

The company releases outfits and accessories for Angel Philia from time to time and they often come in very limited quantities. 
(Usually they get sold out really quickly!)

Depending on the body (excluding those with voluminous busts) , Angel Philia dolls can wear most of the standard MSD-sized BJD clothing (1/4) and also clothing made to fit Obitsu50 dolls.

The AZONE 1/3 clothing line also fits them in general.

A more detailed introduction about VMF dolls could be found here:

FAITHZ TOYS is a toy distributor in Hong Kong and global markets since 2015. 
We handle the distribution and resales of various Korean and Japan brands of high quality doll products as well as other types of toys such as nendoroids and action figures.

QUARANTOTTO and Real Art Project both sell their dolls solely within Japan;
FAITHZ TOYS are the exclusive authorized retailer of Angel Philia dolls and their other products.

Currently we do not offer a newsletter to inform customers about new products but we have created a FaceBook group about VMF dolls and we post updates over there.

New products will be updated to our website:

I'm totally in love. I can't wait till I can get a few of my own!
What are your thoughts about them?