Box Opening - ONE SIXTH BOX

The May box arrived and I wasn't able to take pics of it when I opened it so I made a box opening video. 

Yes, I rather sucked at it, but hey - the contents FAR outweigh the fact that I am a crappy camera person ;) 

If you aren't familiar with One Sixth Box, it is a monthly goodie box filled to brim with various items in 1:6 scale. 

The May box was themed the Fab '60s and it totally was! It was literally an entire room set up.

This is the second box for the group and I have to say that they are really knocking it out of the park. I feel like the cost is justified and I love the thrill of being surprised each month with the contents. 

(They do post on their Facebook some spoilers, but once I know the box is ordered I just try not to look as I prefer the surprise of it.)

The June box is themed Polo and Port and is geared toward our gentlemen. I can't wait for that one! I do believe it is all sold out now though.

They announce the opening of their Etsy store on their Facebook page so stay tuned to that as the boxes do sell out and I have a feeling they will be getting harder and harder to obtain as the word gets out about them.

I promise next month I'll be able to do a much better video and photos of the boxes but for now you can laugh at my complete lack of box opening skills ;)

I think I'll hold off on starting that youtube channel, LOL

Have fun guys!