Charles' Creature Cabinet's "Howling Halloween Squeal Event"

Charles' Creature Cabinet's "Howling Halloween Squeal Event"
**Wolves will howl & peeps will squeal** 

Introducing THREE new sculpts:

Royal Vampire Firefly Boys; Prince Nakal 12cm & Prince Doerak 9cm
Glow-in-the-Dark resin

Nakal = From Indonesian 'naughty'
Doerak = From Indonesian 'scoundrel'

Special Halloween Surprise Release:

Micro Glow Bug - Firefly Pupa Chrysalis POPPY Fae Bug 5cm GID BJD
Poppy Fae Bug is my second stage of the Life Cycle of a Firefly Faerie (Fidelia)
Attaching pictures/flyers from WIP sculpts to Grey Master to final resin doll. 

Release date/time for Flash-Sale & Pre-Order soon to be announced.

I always love it when Charles sends along his WIP shots. (I ADORE his illustrations so much!) It's such a treat to see art come to life. 

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