DollShe changes ordering system - drops bomb about Johnny Depp doll

In a post today by Master Sculptor, DollShe-Ki-yong an announcement was made that DollShe would return to their previous way of ordering - a 4 time a year, limited run.  (I guess I didn't realize that they had changed that)

In that post was also a bit about the Leonardo DiCaprio doll (personally I would never doubt their talents but I do understand people wanting pics before ordering) BUT he made mention that if orders were low that they may put off the JOHNNY DEPP doll.

Wait, WHAT! Theirs a Johnny Depp doll? um, tell me more about this!

Read the entire post below:

We will change the order way to taking only 50 units for each line 4 times like we did before.

We were planning to take orders on all line-ups with time and quantity limit until this year but we have decided to change it to the way we did before. We are sorry for confusing you. We respect our customers opinion who are planning to order dolls next year so we will take orders for 4 times until next February.

We ask for you to understand that we set up a new project while we are behind on delivery.

There are some people criticizing us for setting up a new project while we haven’t finished the delivery for delayed orders. I think it is a given that they wonder about this because I didn’t explain it earlier.

First of all, I’m sorry to my customers who have been waiting for a long time but still support us. However, I think I should make everything clear about your misgivings about the new project.

As a Master Sculptor, my schedule and Dollshe Craft dolls producing schedule is different. My schedule is making a prototype of the doll. Currently I am done producing the prototype and sent it to the casting company, that was my schedule. I am proceeding with several new projects at the same time. Sometimes it could not be shown yet or it could be shown like Order-made BJD like Leonardo Di Caprio. We are currently taking pre-orders for Order-made BJD for Leonardo Di Caprio.

5 people have done a preorder so far. It’s a sixth month project from making the prototype to shipping and I haven’t done anything. It is the first Order-made BJD so I will produce as many as I take orders, even if there are only a few orders.

In a statement someone posted a photo, I know there are some people that doubt our skills and our project performance. We are planning to show you a head prototype of Leonardo Di Caprio in about one month later first. I will give you a refund if you aren’t satisfied with a completed doll. If this project is successful but if the amount of orders are low then we will defy producing the next Order-made BJD for Johnny Depp.

There is another delivery delay with the delayed dolls again due to the next projects.

I’m following my schedule that I work on a new dolls and the delayed dolls are casting at the Dollshe Craft casting company. The production of the silicon mold and casting are proceeding smoothly.

Problem of the delivery for delayed orders.

As we have notified we will finish the delivery orders that we have taken so far in 3months. Some prototypes that I haven’t been done yet will be finished in a month and some dolls that haven’t show you will be released.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor