Granado releases their final Solar Series doll, Jupiter

Jupiter will be released tomorrow according to their website. I can't wait to see more pics of him. For those who know me - you know I love tats ;) 

Jupiter's backstory, from the Granado Facebook page:
Jupiter, 38.
Jupiter is a natural born show-off; he was a professional wrestler until he retired in 30. With his strong blows and lightning fast feet, his coach nicknamed him Jupiter, and became one of the most feared name in boxing ring.
Most of Jupiter’s fights were non-fatal matches, but when he was 29, he had a severe accident and injured his leg during a match. With no other means, Jupiter was forced to retire. 
Having said that, his coach took care of Jupiter after his retirement and asked him to run the boxing club he owned. Within a few years, Jupiter managed the club well and hosted some popular matches. He is now considered one of the influential figures in martial arts. Jupiter met Mars through Muay Thai and they became close friends since then.
Currently Jupiter works as a part-time model.

Check out their other offerings as well. I am dying over Uranus. He is a GOD and I must have him!  (sigh)  They also have a few videos, one of which is a fab posing video, be sure to check that out on their Facebook page.