Integrity Releases American Horror Story - Coven line

The wait has been long and painful for those who are huge fans of American Horror Story. The boards frequently were filled with cries of WHEN???? 

Well, the wait is finally over and the response has been huge - just maybe not quite the way that Integrity Toys had hoped for.  The W-Club board erupted with dissatisfied fans. Most people loved the choices of fashions (Integrity is always top shelf with their fashions) but most did not care for the sculpts and felt they did not represent the characters very well.  I, personally, don't watch the show and was glad to see them create all new sculpts vs using ones they already had. I think the Kyle Spencer/Evan Peters doll really captures his likeness pretty well but didn't recognize the others without looking them up. 

What do you think about the collection?

If you'd like to get one, or all, for yourself - contact an Integrity Toys dealer. The dolls will be released serially. (See below for rollout info).
For a full list of dealers:

Integrity Toys, Inc., under license from Twentieth Century Fox Television, is thrilled to unveil its previously announced, highly-anticipated series of high-end collectible dolls based on the various characters of fan favorite COVEN, the iconic third season of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY series.

Pop culture enthusiasts and fans of the hit TV series alike will be thrilled to take home these intricate collector dolls based on their favorite characters of the bewitching, fan favorite third season of the show! Based on the likeness of the key characters, each one is dressed in miniature replicas of key looks from the show. The first doll in the series based on character Marie Laveau (played by famed actress Angela Bassett) is set to be available via Integrity Toys' network of authorized dealers starting this week!

The full line of six collectible fashion dolls includes:
-Fiona Goode (played by Jessica Lange),
-Marie Laveau (played by Angela Bassett),
-Myrtle Snow (played by Frances Conroy),
-Kyle Spencer (played by Evan Peters),
-Zoe Benson (played by Taissa Farmiga), and
-Madison Montgomery (played by Emma Roberts).

Each 1:6 scale (approximately 12 inch-tall) doll is done in a limited edition (edition size varies by character).


Each doll sells for $130


Item # 14086
Marie Laveau Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls Worldwide
In-Stock Ready to Ship/Week of October 24th, 2016

Item # 14085
Fiona Goode Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 900 Dolls Worldwide
Available Approximately Early January 2017

Item # 14090
Myrtle Snow Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 650 Dolls Worldwide
Available Approximately Mid-December 2016

Item # 14087
Zoe Benson Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls Worldwide
Available Approximately First Week of December 2016

Item # 14088
Kyle Spencer Dressed Fashion Figure
Limited Edition of 700 Figures Worldwide
Available Approximately Mid-November 2016

Item # 14089
Madison Montgomery Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls Worldwide
Available Approximately Mid-December 2016