JooDella makes her debut!

FragileDolls' newest girl, JooDella, finally makes her way to resin.  I have adored her porceline version forever and to see her finally in my hands is such a treat! I was beyond thrilled to get the chance to shoot her and, as you can see, she is everything you expect her to be.

She poses perfectly, her joints are really well constructed, and she can even stand on one leg all on her own. 

She can fit into a lot of the 16" fashion doll clothes but her hips are quite wide so stretchy pants were necessary. I dressed her in some Converse style shoes made for a 12" male action figure/16" female fashion doll. Her coat is by Integrity Toys and her jeans are by Kingdom Doll. Her sweater was handmade and the creator is unknown. 
Overall I had no problems finding items to dress her in - always a bonus! 

I have to say, and it will sound weird, but one of the things I love about FragileDolls is the attention to the feet.  I have Pepe, her first release, and I almost can't stand putting shoes on her because her feet are so great. JooDella, thankfully, kept those wonderful features.  Of course, I don't have a pic of them but I'm 100% sure that JpopDolls will when they open up the preorders.

Preorders for her will begin very soon at 

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