Kaye Wiggs presents two new color variants on two very popular sculpts

Available exclusively through Jpopdolls - both Laryssa Fawn and Maurice Elf are open for pre-orders. 

Kaye Wiggs was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award last year by Jones Publishing and DOLLS Magazine. Her dolls are immensely popular and highly collectible. If you see something she makes that you like, you had better grab it while you can.


Laryssa's options are SD (Nelly body) or MSD and you have the option of hooves! She comes in grey skin tone with faceup and random eyes. I'm DYING over those ears!!!! I always fall for the fawns! 

  love love LOVE her - exactly like this!!!!

 love love LOVE her - exactly like this!!!!

Ordering for her is only open till May 17th!  See all the Laryssa options HERE



MSD Limited Edition Maurice Elf comes as either a boy or a girl and is available in the Leaf Green skin tone. No cutoff date is listed but I would not take much time deciding. Laryssa is only open till May 17, it would not be shocking to find out the Maurice is closing around the same time.
The Maurice sculpt is fairly hard to find on the secondary market. I am lucky enough to have two and I LOVE him. He is SO adorable in person. Seriously.  I will also admit I have dressed him as a girl so the prospect of getting his sculpt on a girl body is pretty exciting. 

"Hey, big guy....sun's gettin' real low..."  (It's a Black Widow line to the Hulk, for those that don't get it.)  I have so many ideas for him, lol.

You can find all of Maurice's info HERE

Check out all of Jpopdolls awesomeness. They have some of the best wigs too, btw!