London based, Siberian pop star making music video with Popovy Sisters

When I saw that someone was wanting to create an animated music video featuring the dolls I was skeptical. But - seriously, once you take a look at a few of Polyna's videos you will be sold too.

Siberian pop star, Polyna, has a very distinct look, sound and style. Just watch her video, Tiger, and tell me what doll she would be if you were to use one to recreate her.

If you say Popovy Sisters you'd be right on the money.  Polyna fell in love with the dolls and ever since has been working to make this video a reality. "We want to bring you in the doll's imagination and show you what this beautiful creature dreams about."

Polyna is seeking help to raise the money it will take to make the video a reality. Animation is expensive as hell so I totally get it. I'd ask for money too lol!  

Count me in, I think it will be an interesting mash-up and I look forward to seeing how it all comes out.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign. She has laid out all the expenses nicely and has some pretty fun perks as well. 

Visit Polyna's Website

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