BTS Photoshoot setup with the July One Sixth Box - Nailed it!

The July theme was NAILED IT. A super cute box filled with all the goodies and tools our ladies need when getting their nails done.

I decided to do something different and do a photoshoot with the items from the box to hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Everything you see is from One Sixth Box with the exception of our lovely model, MiMi (aka Mini Me) a gorgeous custom Poppy Parker from Integrity Toys, her pig cased phone, and the box used to display items on the back wall.

The rug was from box #3, Polo & Port, and the topiary and flower/bucket was from box #1, Shabby Chic. Everything else is from this box #4, Nailed It.

Box #4
Glam Top Table, articulated work light, comfy armchair, miworld opi minis, jar of cotton balls, emery boards, manicure block, polish remover, lotion, spa sandals, straw tote, & frappacino

The store opens the 1st of each month - it sells out every month - do not miss it! Follow their Facebook for reminders, release info and teaser pics :)

Visit One Sixth Box to learn more: