Box Opening - One Sixth Box - Polo & Port (with a side of cat and dog)

Of course the animals had to get involved. Mongo, our cat, loves packing peanuts...

Anyway, this months box was geared toward the gentlemen! Port & Polo lived up to all the other boxes that One Sixth Box has produced so far.

Not only was it chuck full of awesomeness it really got my creative juices going and I can't wait to use these pieces in upcoming shoots.



If you aren't familiar with One Sixth Box, it is a monthly subscription box that delivers curated goodies, in various themes, all fit for your 1:6 scale dioramas.

Each new box is released for sale on the 1st of each month (and they are limited and they do sell out!) 

**In the video I thought that the next theme was the Witches and Wizards one, but I was wrong - it is Nailed It. 

Check out their Facebook page for details and hints about the next box. Remember it releases the 1st of the month - THAT'S JUST A FEW DAYS FROM NOW!

One Sixth Box