STAND EXCLUSIVE - First looks at the Pidgin Doll Spring 2016 Collection

Fashion illustrator, artist, doll maker, all around king of WOW...Joshua David McKenney just never ceases to amaze and inspire us with Pidgin.

Since debuting Pidgin in 2012 as a soft bodied darling, she has evolved into a fully ball jointed style icon that has taken the world by storm. Not only is she an Instagram super star (and even got caught up in the Richard Price scandal last year) but she has been tied to some of the hottest names in pop culture.

Evolution of #PidginDoll - 2013-16
1st generation - 28" porcelain / soft body
2nd generation - 22" resin / soft body
3rd generation - 22" resin / hand sculpted ball-jointed body
4th generation - 12" resin / 3D modeled ball-jointed body

Always striving to elevate her, McKenney recently created the smaller, more traditional, fashion doll sized Pidgin. Using 3D technology to sculpt and refine her body, this new, sleek, edgy version of her has us all doing a double take.

Of course, Joshua wasn't stopping at just revamping her size and body. His first OOAK collection for Spring 2016 sees him taking unconventional materials (always our favorite challenge on Project Runway, btw) and making art.  His creative use of latex and 3D printed nylon is one to take notice of and something I am certain others will soon be emulating. 

STAND is thrilled to be able to bring you the first looks at this new collection.

Five OOAK ladies, all completely different styles, that show the versatility and range that Pidgin can have. From sweet and innocent to bad ass vixen - bitch brings it in every way!


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