STAND Lookbook - Volume 3 COVER REVEAL

The much anticipated moment is here - the cover reveal for the next volume of the Lookbook.
Each volume is offered with 2 different cover variants, a bjd and a fashion doll, allowing you to choose whichever you prefer the most. 

Releasing on September 6, this volume is called "Out of the Darkness". It's about all the dark and heavy weights we carry. Each image was selected because it identifies with an emotion, a feeling, or a memory that we have all experienced. It's a darker, slower journey than our previous volumes but one, when fully appreciated, will tug at you in all the right spots. I can't wait to show you all! 

Of course - this is also the chance for everyone to check for spelling errors or mistakes in names - we all know I make them ;)

As always, thank you SO much to all of our contributors and sponsors - without you it would not be possible!

Our bjd cover is an image by Simone Rule. An MSDoll (now Soolee Doll) Drayton 2nd with a peek at a Souldoll 4 armed Shiva in the background. (the full picture is in the book and it's fantastic)
Check out Simone's work (and clothing design) HERE

Our fashion doll cover is Mansion by Superdoll shot by Kim London. A little bit of vanity seemed fitting for this issue. 
Check out more of Kim's creativity on Flickr