The STAND Lookbook Volume 4 Cover Reveal and News

The holidays season is upon us and so, of course, we couldn't resist bringing a bit of cheer into volume 4 of the Lookbook - not only that but it's out BIGGEST volume yet with even more pages of spectacular images PLUS an entire Holiday Shopping section to help you get your wish lists together :) It's beyond amazing and I can't wait to share it with you all!

First though, for a bit of news:

Originally, our release date was November 8 - BUT realizing that that is election date, we have decided to push our release to November 10 just to get away from a bit of the chaos that is this election. I know that I will be probably avoiding social media for a day or so till it all dies down so I assume others will too. So, just to avoid getting lost in the mess we will push our release. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Also, You may or may not have noticed that the STAND website has been a bit slow in content lately. That's because we are working on revamping it to make it a bit faster and easier for everyone - not only that, but we are working on getting some fantastic content for you too! Stay tuned, we'll be back to posting very soon!

So, with all of that I am so thrilled to introduce the cover selections for Volume 4! 

Our covers for Volume 4 are:
BJD - Photographer Natsumi  FLICKR
FASHION DOLL -  Photographer Nuneandto  FLICKR

Thank you SO much to ALL of our amazing contributors and sponsors! We encourage you all to visit and support those who support us - without them we can't do what we do!

See you all on November 10!