The STAND Lookbook - Volume TWO is available now

It's HERE! Volume 2

It's richer, bolder and double dipped in Summer awesomeness! 

Our content providers for this issue really brought their A-games. Without their amazing work none of this is possible.

As always, we have two cover variants to choose from. Our BJD cover is by Sara Amaktine, and our Fashion Doll cover is by Zezaprince.

HUGE thanks go out to:

//contributors: Sara Amaktine, Kim London, Innersea, Zezaprince, Jane Kolyadintseva, Stan Lenka, Nesha Kaye, Astramaore, Saiko Weiss, Naiko Lin, Wil Herold, Marlequeen, Irina Lumiere, Lakeida Sprenkle, Britt Miscast, Ryan Liang, Yuqian Sun, Cholo Ayuyao, Julia Orlove, Jackie Pitman, Joseph Barrientos, Valeria Boltneva, Adriana Calvo, Ryan Mcguire, GoranMX, Adrian Barrera, Vladamir Kudinov, Derek Finch, Manik Chowdhury, Anais, Jan Vasek, Peter Dorgatz, Victoria Alexander, David Skyrius, Recal Medai, Daniel Nanescu.

//special thanks: Jpopdolls, Bergemann Dolls, Marbled Halls, Wizworx, Charles' Creature Cabinet, Lovetones


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