COPYING - Is It REALLY the Greatest Form Of Flattery - no, it's bad business!

People LOVE a great idea, and when something new and different comes we all rush to scoop it up. The hope is that you have ingrained your product into their minds enough that YOUR product becomes the name for all others - think of Ziplock, Post Its, Xerox, you get what I mean.

It's different when you are an artist. This is your life, and many times, your livelihood.  It's hard enough to reinvent the wheel, but when you do, most people can't run out and get a Patent, mainly because that shit takes a long time and it's expensive as fuck....but I digress..

You don't get a Patent... so the best thing you can do to protect your idea (and reputation) is to heavily document your progress because, as is often the case, someone will like what you are doing and want to do it themselves. 

So, what happens? The Court Of Public Opinion convenes. 

Well, court is definitely in session, my friends. 

Pasha Setrova may sound familiar to you. I actually did a piece about her, her artwork, and this particular doll she has been creating just a few months ago. (Check it out HERE)

I stumbled over a post and had to do a double take. 

Hello everyone. I just found this picture posted a few hours ago by @rafael_nuri. Is it just me? Or is it too similar? The shoulders...the hands...the dramatic black and white/high contrast motif...If you've been following me and/or my official bjd page @pashapasha_newyork, you'll know that this project has been an intensely long process for me. I've worked so so hard to come up with these shoulders and hands (amongst other parts) to try and do something really different from the other great artists out there. Ive spent so much time, so much money, gone through so many different prototypes, that I'm saddened to see that someone just came up with idea, out of nowhere, with what looks like no progress to show for it, and seems to be taking a bit from my look and hard work. What disheartens me even more is that this is an artist that I really looked up to before. And who's work I really admired, and respected, and thus tried to do something different from. What do you think? 🤕 . . . Привет всем. Я только что нашла фото, которое было загружено несколько часов назад художницей @rafael_nuri. Это я или они очень похожи? Плечи...руки...драматический черно-белый высоко контрастный мотив ... Если вы следите за мной и/или мою официальную бжд страницу @pashapasha_newyork вы знаете , что этот проект был очень долгим процессом для меня. Я работала так так долго, чтоб разработать эти плечи ( как и руки и другие части) и пыталась быть отличной от других художников. Я потратила так много времени, денег, прошло через столько разных прототипов, что мне грустно видеть, что кто-то просто выдумал, из ниоткуда, с тем, что выглядит убеждением, что она работала над этим. И похоже на взятое с моей разработки и тяжелой работы. Меня ранит даже больше то, что это художник на которого я раньше равнялась и чью работу я действительно уважала. И потому я постаралась сделать отличающегося от ее. Что вы считаете? 🤕

A photo posted by Pasha Setrova New York NY (@pashasetrova) on

Rafael Nuri, BiDoll, released images of her new torso featuring articulated shoulders on Sunday.  The images were posted on social media and it didn't take long for Pasha to come across it and immediately become quite alarmed.

Ok, so I had to look further into all this. See, I have followed Pasha for many months and have watched her progression on this new doll. I, personally, have never seen a doll with highly articulated shoulders, and as a photographer that idea intrigues me greatly! I want my 'models' to be as flexible and natural as possible in posing so the thought of the shoulders finally being able to scrunch and lift is just stupendous.

When I asked Ms. Nuri about the new doll and the concept she sent me these, saying "Pasha just upset that her joint is not so cool like mine."

Are you fucking kidding me?

Nuri (Right) Setrova (Left)

In the first image, She features one of her existing dolls next to the Pasha prototype. Clearly they are not copies or even inspired by the other, there is no comparison.  It's not even the doll that is shown in the release. I have no idea why she is even trying to allude that the doll on the right is her new doll when it CLEARLY is not.
In the second image she shows a bit of her shoulder joint next to Pashas, and randomly, a Popovy doll. Not sure why Popovy was included, maybe just wanting to drag their name into it? 

The picture below shows a crop shot of both joints. 

 Pasha's doll on the Left, Nuri's doll on the right

Pasha's doll on the Left, Nuri's doll on the right

The joints are slightly different. But - who came up with the concept first? Does it matter? Is it right? it really shitty practice?

Now, a couple years ago, Rafael Nuri was accused of recasting and modifying a Dollstown DT18 body. You can read the whole thing HERE. It was then released that the sculptor of the DT18 body said that it was not a copy. Ok, so life goes on and she continues...but now THIS?

Even if Rafael might have invested time modifying the body, and then casting it in porcelain, that does not make you a sculptor. And Jong Hak needed three years to sculpt the DT18 yrs. When creating a BJD, to start from the scratch is an excruciating work that requires countless hours of adjusting proportions, designing joints, polishing symmetry, adjusting lenght of limbs and, in general, is the main difference between being a customizer or an actual sculptor. It could be easy to think that Rafael only “inspired” on Dollstown work to create her doll, but that’s not true. The uncanny similarities of some hard to render details, like the feet, or the strange gap at the hip joint speak clearly and openly of a recast of a modded DT. Plus, all the shapes and measurements fit when you apply the 17% reduction because of the change of material.

Is it just coincidence that copying issues are happening again? 

So - what say you all? Same? Different? Shitty thing to do? 

Pasha has shown every step of this doll for nearly a year. It is clearly her concept and design from the ground up. I find it odd and disturbing that Raphael just pops up, out of the blue, with this whole new unique design and then is so arrogant and flippant about it when confronted.

But - this is just MY opinion. I'll let the court decide for themselves.