The wait is almost over - Giorria's preorder starts August 4th!

Ok, I can't even lie - this is one I have been waiting for. I'm done with the pics and teases - give me that damn rabbit already!  Thankfully, she goes on preorder the same time as the Austin BJDC starts and Depths Dolls will be there, so you KNOW I'm taking pics and talking to them so I can share it all with you :)

(If you are coming to Austin this week, my little birdies have told me there will be a handful of them there!!!!)

The first offering of her will be in grey skin and will only be produced in this color one time. She also arrives with a factory faceup and a random pair of eyes..

I actually like the grey, it will go with just about everything and fit almost any style so I think it's a nice coming out color. Of course, I'll probably also want her in white, and maybe pink, and maybe.... ;) I might just be a tiny bit excited. 

Her order window is only open from August 4 - September 4 and, again, this color will not be available again after, so don't hesitate!!! EEEK!

Visit to preorder and get more information. 
You can also check out Depths Dolls (and see what other creations (cough - mermaids) they have in the process) on Facebook HERE