The Witch, The Potion and The Box that disappeared - One Sixth Box Photoshoot

Box #5, Witches & Wizards, from One Sixth Box arrived as usual and as excited as I was to rip it open and ogle at it's contents I refrained as we were getting ready to head out of town to go to my birth mothers funeral. 

The box sat and waited.

When I returned and the dust settled, I realized that the box was gone! It had completely vanished! I search every room in the house, looked under and inside everything I could but it was not there.

We finally surmised that during a package pick up by our postman, it must have gotten handed to him along with other packages going out. 


We waited, and waited and worried and waited some more. 

3 weeks later it arrived. No idea where it had traveled to but it managed to find it's way home.

So, this is late but perfect for the season :)

Check out One Sixth Box for their monthly themed boxes filled with - duh - 1:6 awesomeness like you see above! Each new box is released at the beginning of the month and they do sell out - so don't delay!

Doll: Kyori by Integrity Toys and Chris Pratt head on Hot Toys body
His clothes are by Hegemony77
Her dress is something I found randomly in a $1 grab box at the Integrity convention last year (awesome, right?)