Surviving The Waiting Game - the pain is real

writer// Kaitlyn Long

In all of the years I have been a part of the hobby, I have not ever purchased a doll directly from the company. I always found what I wanted secondhand. I had this sense of almost instant gratification with these second hand purchases for there were no company wait times. They all arrived within a couple of weeks and that was exciting. However, I have found a doll that is almost impossible to find pre-owned.

 I just happened to check the company website when I noticed they were doing orders on the exact doll in the resin color I have been searching for.

So I immediately went for it and placed my first company order! I mean, I really couldn’t miss this opportunity to get this doll I have been searching for!

Then come the wait times… It is something you know happens but when you finally order you realize just how long it could be. 12 – 36 weeks!?  OR MORE!?

When you hope for 12 weeks…


But you know it’s going to be 36 weeks…

SO! How do you survive the wait times!?
Do you read a book?

Watch TV?


Play with another doll?

Until you FINALLY get the shipping notice!

And you wait…

And you wait…

And you wait…

Then it says it’s out for delivery!!!

When the mailman finally arrives…

It’s here! It’s here!

Rest easy… The wait is over!

The doll is here and you can play to your hearts content!

That is… Until you order from the company again…

The STAND Lookbook - Volume ONE
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