volume 2

The STAND Lookbook is not a magazine, it's a high quality art book, suitable for your coffee table or bookshelf. Each image is printed on high quality, thick matte paper and bound with the highest quality soft cover available. The colors are rich and vibrant and the paper has an elegant thickness to it, it's a tactile experience as much as it is a visual one. We know you are sure to enjoy it. 

Two cover variants - same great content


//contributors: Sara Amaktine, Kim London, Innersea, Zezaprince, Jane Kolyadintseva, Stan Lenka, Nesha Kaye, Astramaore, Saiko Weiss, Naiko Lin, Wil Herold, Marlequeen, Irina Lumiere, Lakeida Sprenkle, Britt Miscast, Ryan Liang, Yuqian Sun, Cholo Ayuyao, Julia Orlove, Jackie Pitman, Joseph Barrientos, Valeria Boltneva, Adriana Calvo, Ryan Mcguire, GoranMX, Adrian Barrera, Vladamir Kudinov, Derek Finch, Manik Chowdhury, Anais, Jan Vasek, Peter Dorgatz, Victoria Alexander, David Skyrius, Recal Medai, Daniel Nanescu.

//special thanks: Jpopdolls, Bergemann Dolls, Marbled Halls, Wizworx, Charles' Creature Cabinet, Lovetones

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