The  STAND Lookbook is a cost effective way to get your message out there. Released bi-monthly with free digital distribution and a contributor based format, the STAND Lookbook is designed to get you more exposure than any other collectors magazine out there - AND at a fraction of the cost.  

  • Limited number of ads. Our ads are kept to a minimum to not impede the experience of the reader.
  • Interactive. All of your ads are linked directly to your website, sales are just a click away.
  • Verifiable results. A quick look at your sites analytics will show if advertising on STAND is working or not. You can easily see if traffic is coming from one of our sites.
  • Visual and tactile experience for the viewerThese highly collectible volumes are also available via print on demand with affordable international shipping
  • Budget Friendly!!! No other publication can beat our rates and coverage.
  • Worldwide coverage in a format of images that speak louder than words, eliminating many language barriers.
  • Longevity. We see that readers are going back and viewing older volumes and when new readers find us, they too are going back to view all the older volumes. Your ads keep working long past the realease.

We know your audience, we can help you reach your target, and we can do it within your budget. It's all right here.

It's time to STAND out!

STAND moves at the speed of you (and your buyers!) Beyond the Lookbook, we love to share information, news, tutorials and other goodies on our website and social media. Our website is here to work for YOU. We want to showcase you, your work, your talents. We want to help you increase sales and build relationships. If you have a release coming up - let us know and we will happily share the information - or, better yet, let STAND be your EXCLUSIVE content outlet and we will pay for sponsored posts to make it an even bigger impact. We can put you directly in front of your audience EXACTLY when you want to be, not two months later like a print publication.

So, what makes the most sense for your advertising dollars?

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