Submitting to STAND

First things first - we will not accept submissions that include RECAST DOLLS.
Let me repeat that - NO RECAST DOLLS - EVER! 

The Quick and dirty - in easy to understand language:

  • The goal with the STAND Lookbook is to showcase the art of photography with dolls. To introduce dolls to people who may not ever see them in an artistic way, or even show people new sculpts that they may not ever have run across.  By showing the "art" of it all, it also helps to remove some of the stigma of 'playing with dolls'. 
  • The book is available for free online. it is also available via print on demand as well. 
  • We do not pay for images, it is by contribution only. Nor do we provide free copies of books to contributors. Please understand, we spend weeks and weeks and hundreds of hours combing the internet and hand selecting images, we explain the process over and over to every single person, we build all the layouts, and covers, produce all 3 different layouts for digital and print, we build and maintain the website. Yes, we do sell advertising but, seriously, we are not making tons of money at this. We do it because we love this hobby and we love photography. 
  • You maintain ownership of the images. Period. All you do is give us permission to use them in the Lookbook, some of which may get shown on STAND and STAND's social media platforms and marketing materials to promote the book as well. You still own it all. We're not going to sell prints of your images outside the Lookbook ever. (Hell, I'm too lazy to sell my own damn images, I surely wouldn't sell any one elses lol.) 
  • For many people, having their work published is validation of their talents. Sometimes it shows their friends, loved ones, parents, etc that what they do has value and is respected by others, It matters in different ways to different people. 

Here's the Legal version:

By allowing STAND (the STAND Lookbook and/or to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos, and any other media or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of STAND content, you also acknowledge that the materials you submit do not contain images of any recast dolls.

We reserve the right to deny or accept any submission based on available space, content and quality.

We do not pay for submissions or the publication of full or partial content of any kind. Any expenses or costs of your contribution are at your own risk and expense, unless hired or discussed prior to the shoot with our Editor-in-Chief.

STAND permanently has publishing rights to any submissions. This is just so that we can use images in ads or other promotions. You still own them, you just give us the right to use them. If we want to promote a past issue or if we create an ad that shows part of your image, we don't want to have to track you down later down the road.

Complete credits are required: photographer, doll sculpt and manufacturer. All information MUST be listed by image number/name. Please ensure that all credits are correct, as STAND takes no responsibility for errors in material issued, or for the publication of erroneous details. 

When submitting your images, either send us a link to an online album or attach low res images in your e-mail to us. If your images are selected we will request high resolution images.

ALSO - when sending in your images or credit info - PLEASE DO NOT NAME YOUR ATTACHMENTS "Stand" or "Lookbook" ALL Folders or Files must be In YOUR NAME. We get 30+ folders/files all titled with STAND and it's really easy to get things confused.

Please do not submit more than 6 images if you are not sending album links. Seriously. Unless we have requested to see more, please do not spam me.

Submit to:

Image Specifications:

300 DPI
JPEG OR TIFF (Full Quality)
8 X 10 for SINGLE PAGES (portrait)
16 X 10 for DOUBLE PAGES (landscape)

and, once again - NO RECAST DOLLS!

Submissions will be accepted any time. We try to keep our themes fairly general as we prefer to let the images guide the story rather than trying to fit into a specific theme.  Thank you for your interest!