BTS - 4HUMANS city creation for Galo Snacks Chocobar

Continuing my Behind The Scenes addiction happening right now, I stumbled across this fabulous photo album (below) and just had to contact the owner to ask permission to share them all with you guys. 

Once again, I am just drawn to how everything comes together. What is all the magic that happens behind the scenes. 

The creative team at 4HUMANS made a stop motion commercial for Galo Snacks Chocobar; bringing to life a powerful, sexy lioness who absolutely, positively, MUST have her Chocobar - and apparently everyone is scared shitless of her.

I have shared the behind the scenes video as well as the photo images - all you diorama makers will drool, I know I totally am.


Photo Gallery

Behind The Scenes Video

Check out the finished product :)

Agencia: Madre
Cliente: Molinos
Productora: 4HUMANS
Director: Flamboyant Paradise
Productora: Mechi Serrano
Director de animación Stop Motion: Pablo Kondratas
Animadores: Ivan Stur, Diego Gambarotta, Gabino Calónico
Df: Juan Maglione
Dirección de arte: Luciana Quartaruolo
Construcción de personajes: Veronica Arcodaci
Construcción de maquetas: Julieta Iácono, Julieta La Valle y Leonor García Vercillo. 
Asistentes de realización: Hernan Grito Bruno, Fernanda Maglione, María Egan, Camila Perez, Anouk Clemenceau, Georgina Gorlero, Carolina Stefanini, Vale Marandola, Jimena Martínez Sörenson y Matias Veneri.

Special thanks to Leonor Garcia Vercillo for use of the behind the scenes photos